Tomorrow is Marathon Monday in Boston. I’ve lived here since I was 3, and have probably watched this race 45 times since then. It’s what everyone does when you live near the route of this famous race. Two big differences for me this year:

One – my husband is running. This will be his 2nd Boston (his 6th marathon). I’m very excited to be going out on the route and cheering him on as he passes. He’s dealt with more than his share of injuries this season and will be running with very little training. Despite that, I know he’ll be strong.

Two – I hadn’t really been interested in running before, until last year. I wasn’t a runner, so it was just people running by me. I didn’t give much thought to how much work it took to get them to the starting line in Hopkinton, or even more, to the finish line in Boston. Now I know. Before last year, and even last year during the marathon (as I was volunteering as a clock watcher at mile two along the course – in the torrential downpour), I had absolutely zero interest in ever running a full marathon. Since that time though, I’ve run three half marathons. I get it, I feel the pull. I’m all signed for my first marathon (Marine Corps, October 27, 2019!!) and I can’t wait for the day!

For now, good luck to all the runners tomorrow – most especially my husband (please yell to him if you see him pass! Bob’s bib # is 30110), and all of the people running for Team Framingham and from the Greater Framingham Running Club!

Try something new. It may just inspire you to continue!