For the next 8 Saturday mornings, my husband and I will be helping out as some of the mentors for our Running Club’s Couch 2 5K program. Yesterday’s first session was early on a holiday weekend, and it was raining. Not the best way to start. Despite that, a large group of people came out to participate. It was a fantastic Day 1.

The first time I tried a Couch 2 5K workout (about five years ago – before my nutrition change) I was literally dragging myself off the couch. I knew I needed to get in shape because my Dad had had a health scare, but it took most of my energy just to get my sneakers on and get out the door. The first session is to run for one minute and then walk for two minutes, repeating for a mile. I was determined, but I could barely run for that full minute without wheezing. I made it through most of the 8-week program by myself that year and ended up running my first 5K in 44:10. I was frustrated and didn’t have the stamina or determination to continue.

It is good for all of us to remember how scary it is to do something new – something outside of our comfort zone, and something that you know is going to be HARD. I love that I’m now able to participate in helping others to step out of their comfort zones to challenge themselves this way. Every one of the participants in this group is a rock star! Whether you can run a full 5K after eight weeks, or you are walking for most of it, as long as you are determined to stick to your goals and grow, you are allowing yourself to be so much better than you were before.

Challenge accepted!

P.S. My husband had a great Marathon run on Monday. The photo is of him passing us right at mile 26. Congrats to everyone who ran!