Perseverance, not Procrastination!

I do like to swim, I just don’t like getting wet! This has made it a bit difficult to improve my swim. I know it’s all a head game – once I can actually get myself in the water, I do enjoy it.

So, I’ve been doing my TriDot training for almost a month now, but I hadn’t actually joined a pool. Procrastination! I’ve gotten day passes at different pools to take the assessment tests. Last week though, I’d had enough of that, and I found a pool that would work for me. I had a kick-ass swim and felt great.

This morning I took a deep breath and got back in the water. OMG, I ended up having the best swim of my life. I got a PR (personal record) for every distance that I swam today. So yes, I’m still slower than a snail, but I will persevere, and I will greatly enjoy every swim as I get faster.