This week was pretty busy for me. Actually, it was probably the busiest week ever. I had three rehearsals, a concert, appointments for my daughter almost every day, a huge field trip at school, and, of course, my training schedule to uphold. To top it off, my husband had an overnight trip and then ended up sick for a couple of days. There was definitely give and take in the week. Some things couldn’t give, some things I got help with (thanks Mom!), and some things (mostly workouts) had to be modified. But, I did it – as best as I could.

I wasn’t able to make it back to the pool this week, but that’s the workout plan for tomorrow. I did, however, spend 2.5 hours on my bike, and 1:50 minutes running. Although this wasn’t nearly the amount that my training plan had set for me, it was more than I typically did before I started working with TriDot, and certainly more than I ever have done during a concert week.

One thing I’ve been focusing on a lot with workouts this week is my heart rate (and I get to check it often now, thanks to my new watch, lol). Heart Rate zone training is great for helping us grow stronger and have more endurance. I’m learning more about it as I go along with my workouts, and I’ll share here as I learn. The magic happens in the workout when we can get our heart rate to come back down quickly after exertion. This is difficult, but I’m getting better with practice.

So, lessons for this week: get help when you need it, and wake up every morning ready to kick ass!