I joined a pool today! I don’t think you needed to see a picture of that, so the picture above is tonight’s yummy (and protein-packed) dinner of Quinoa, black beans, and vegetarian chicken, with a little cheese, avocado, and some buffalo sauce. It was SO good!

I have been keeping up with my bike training and my run training, and working on my swim form with weights at my gym (yay Bancroft!), but really, I had to face it – the best way to get better at swimming is to swim. My problem is that I don’t really like getting wet, lol! There were so many excuses for not joining a pool for the winter, but really it came down to that. Yesterday I resigned to join a club near me that has a “pool only” option, so it really doesn’t cost much, and they have fairly decent lap swim hours. On my way there this morning though, my heart was racing with the thought of getting in the water. I can swim! I’m not sure why this bothers me so much. I had to keep reminding myself that we grow by living outside our comfort zone – outside of our box!

So, I got in the water and did my full TriDot training workout. Once I started, it honestly felt amazing! Am I still slow? Yes! Am I faster than I was for my first assessment test? Also yes. Yay!! I followed my plan, put in my hour, and got out feeling a great sense of accomplishment (and relief). Not only was stepping out of my comfort zone helpful for my training, but the more I make myself do it, the easier it should get – right? Swim On!!