I’ve talked to quite a few people lately who are aspiring to lose weight. It’s hard to do! So many times, we get started with a new program or diet and have great goals in mind. Then we lose our way when two weeks down the road we’re not yet bikini-fit.
I’ve had lots of experience with this! My most important rule for everyone is to make sure you’re not starving yourself. Skipping meals and cutting too many calories will put your body into starvation mode. I did this to myself in college – ate a small breakfast, no lunch, and salad for dinner. I lost 7 pounds in two months (clearly I had already messed up my metabolism with dieting) but then gained it all back during the week of Spring Break. I ate that week, and my body took it ALL in, afraid that I wouldn’t get any more food. Has this happened to you? It’s unhealthy as well as extremely frustrating! 😩
It’s much more beneficial to eat more small meals spread throughout the day.
Another thing that many people do is to cut entire food groups out of their diet. Our food is our fuel. We need protein, carbs, fats, and sugar to help our bodies run efficiently. When we eliminate a food group we are starving ourselves of the nutrients that we need. Additionally, we’re setting ourselves up for failure due to that intense feeling of deprivation. That’s where yo-yo dieting comes into play.
There’s so much more to say here. I’ve lived through (struggled through!) so much of this for most of my life. Now my focus and joy are helping other people find their way through it too. Let me know if you’d like to chat! 😄