This week was a pretty busy one with three rehearsals and a concert. Lots of people have really busy schedules – I know it’s not just me. How do you fit in time for your physical fitness goals?

On some days, there is time to carve out an hour if you’re motivated (accountability partners can certainly help with that). On other days, even that long isn’t possible. For instance, on Friday I was inside my home for literally 6 minutes between 6:45 AM and 10:45 PM. Full day, with no time at all for a fitness break. Yesterday, between driving my daughter to work, getting a much-needed haircut, picking her up and taking her to the mall, grabbing food, and making it out the door for my concert, my husband and I ran to the gym for a 30-minute weight training circuit and a quick mile on the treadmill. Short, but better than nothing!

It’s most important to plan ahead, to think of your long-term goals, and to remember that every day is another opportunity to be a better you. What I love most about my life now is that my body allows me to participate in whatever activities I choose. This wasn’t the case four years ago. I never want to lose that choice, so it’s important to me that I keep up with my fitness goals. Just that thought can help me to plan out what activity I will fit into my schedule the next day.

My next race is a week from today – Hyannis Half Marathon. I am super excited to race again (first one since Marine Corps Marathon last October). I don’t race to win, I just love to compete against myself. These are my life goals. How can I be better than I was yesterday?