Today was my first live race in quite a while! It felt strange but was very exciting to get out there with everyone. When my Mom wished me luck before the race I had a thought: it is a pretty cool mind shift to run a 5K and no longer think of it as a big deal. Five years ago I had a hard time going that distance. I knew it was too hard for me because it always had been that way. Now it’s just a short run. It’s amazing how perspective changes with practice and perseverance (and the right daily nutrition).

We had the luck of a beautiful morning and I was able to focus on the #ChiRunning changes that I learned at a workshop last weekend. Our core muscles are key, with relaxed legs and relaxed shoulders. It’s all about leaning into the run. I have more work to do to fix my running form, but focusing on swinging just my arms (instead of my entire torso) and leading with my core muscles earned me a 5K time within seconds of the one I ran at the track two weeks ago. This terrain was certainly not as flat or smooth as the track, lol!  Progress!

I was so grateful to see many of my Running Club friends, and school friends (parents and kids!) out there today running and volunteering.  We ran to honor the memory of a sweet little boy who lost his battle with cancer and to raise money so others won’t have to follow him. #whynotdevin