Some of you may know that I restarted my training in earnest last week. I completed five days of workouts (that was my goal) with biking, running, or both. I couldn’t bike one day due to family issues, but I fit it in on my scheduled rest day instead. All worked well and my motivation to keep it up was on point!

I thought I had a hard stop yesterday. I’m well over 50, but, not to get graphic here, hadn’t had my first baseline colonoscopy yet. I procrastinated, then covid came along. I tried in June but my body completely rejected the prep. After a week of forgoing my vitamins, 3 days of giving up some of my favorite foods (no nuts or pumpkin seeds is hard for a vegetarian!) and that full day of total fasting, I just couldn’t keep the prep down. 10:00 on a Sunday night and I had to cancel my appointment for the next morning. It totally sucked.

So, yesterday we tried again. I still had the week of giving up foods that I love and I started preparing my body for this thing super early in the week. I knew it would be hard. I’m very used to fasting. I do intermittent fasting often. My nutrition plan, however, includes a super nutritious drink every four hours, and also allows other snacks (including a special green tea infused chocolate that’s delicious). So although I’m cleansing my body and resting my digestive system, it’s totally NOT this type of cleanse. It’s easy to do, good for me, and makes me feel refreshed and amazing. I usually do it on my busiest day at school.

The fasting days in June and yesterday were very different. Ugh. Aside from the bathroom difference (I won’t go there, don’t worry) I was super hungry all day. It made me irritable. I knew from my experience in June that I’d get antsy just sitting around all day. I planned better yesterday and went for a run in the morning. It was technically before my fast started since I usually run on an empty stomach anyway. That logic works, right? So glad I did that. It didn’t actually make me less irritable, but at least I got a good run in (and achieved a 95 for my TriDot Triathlon Training score. Whoohooo!).

Unfortunately, once again, the actual prep part of the day didn’t go as planned. Even with anti-nausea meds, I got super nauseous and keep down this morning’s 5:00 AM tablets. After several phone calls and a consult with the doctor, we decided to proceed anyway.

End result, success! Thankfully I won’t have to repeat this process for 5 years. Hopefully they’ll find a new way to do this by then! Most importantly, all is good and healthy and I got the go-ahead to resume normal activity tomorrow. I came home and ate pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate protein shake/pudding. A Bike/run is on the plan tomorrow!

How do you fit in your workouts around your life? Because we all know that shit happens sometimes.