When you’re trying something new, it’s fun to think that you can self-motivate and incorporate a new routine into your daily life with no effort. Usually that’s not the case though! It takes a lot of mental thought to do this by yourself – many people find it easier to get some outside help.


I learned a lot about myself when I started my nutrition system (almost three years ago!). Maybe it’s because I’m cheap, but when I decided to go for it and spend the money on my first month’s pack of products, I took the advice of my coach and stuck to the plan completely. Within a few days I was used to the routine, and by the end of the month it was part of my life. I didn’t deviate at all, didn’t really allow myself flexibility. Yes, it was a lifestyle change and I wanted to fit it into MY lifestyle, but I had to know the rules of the system before I allowed myself to become flexible with them.


Maybe I’m just a rule follower? That worked well for me. I was seeing results and able to stay self-motivated because I trusted the system and wanted to make sure I got full benefit from my products. I followed the plan exactly until it became my lifestyle, then I owned it enough to add in flexibility and have fun with it. Now I can’t even imagine my life without it.


I’ve realized this year that many people need additional motivation or support when starting something new. That’s fine – get some help! If you just want to dabble in something new, you should be aware that that’s not enough for you to own it. You’ll follow the rules for a little while, but without that internal motivation, you’ll have nothing stopping you from breaking the rules. That’s where your friends come in. Get some help! No matter what routine you’re trying to follow (health, fitness, mental health…) it’s going to be easier if you have accountability partners.


Although I had no problem remaining faithful to my nutrition system, I have a harder time with my fitness regimen. I am so grateful to have accountability partners for that. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get my shoes on and get out the door (always the hardest part of a workout!). When I’m afraid that I’ll wimp out on a workout, I put it out there to my friends that I’m looking for someone to work out with me. Once it’s out there in Face Book land, I have to follow through, or I’ll be letting someone else down. It’s so much harder to do that than it is to let yourself down.


Try it this week – put on those motivational shoes, or call a friend!