This is a little late, and will be a little short, but, oh well! Sunday is my usual Blog day but helping my daughter with a project (until 1:00 AM, ugh!) took precedence. My super busy week last week has not really let up yet, lol.

So, I’ll get to the point. The fitness highlight of my week was not my own. Bob (my husband) and I ran a fun race in our town called the Mural Mile on Saturday morning. At this point in my training I can easily call it “fun”, and I can definitely call it short. But not so long ago, I didn’t feel that way. One mile would not have been short – I would have been wheezing, and it certainly would not have been fun.

What I loved most about Saturday’s race, is that many of the Couch 2 5K participants who we are mentoring ran this as their first ever race. There was nervous energy in the parking lot before the run, and big smiles all around when it was over. Every single participant ran with enthusiasm and did their best. It didn’t matter who won, but rather that they ALL won just by having the courage to put their sneakers on and get to the starting line that day. I loved being there to cheer on the people who came in after me. I remember so well that not too long ago I would have appreciated those cheers as I was coming down the home stretch as close to the last finisher.

*photo courtesy of Framingham Source