Day 5 of school and I’m feeling like it is zapping all my energy already (or maybe it’s that we’re staying up way too late). Whatever the cause, when I got home this afternoon the furthest thing from my mind was getting in a workout. The couch looked mighty good.

I did sit, for a while. But then I faced facts and realized that if I just sat, I would fall asleep and be pissed at myself for doing absolutely nothing. One of my first graders told me this morning that she was tired. My answer to her was not “go to bed earlier” or ” take a nap when you get home”. Instead, I told her that we create our own energy! We all stood up and played a moving game. Everyone had fun, and they were all exhausted when we finished, but in a good way. I guarantee no student fell asleep during the rest of the class. 🙂

So as I sat on the couch this evening I took my own advice. I forced myself up, convinced my son to get up too, and together we went to the basement and got in an incredibly intense 45 minute boxing workout. It was just what we both needed.

I am joining friends in my nutrition system for a “Healthy Mind / Healthy Body Transformation Challenge” next week. It just makes sense to join a group and get some help with your health. Let me know if you’d like to join us!