When I started my health journey, I wasn’t thinking about friends or accountability. My thoughts weren’t on becoming a runner, doing triathlons, or helping others to do the same. I just wanted to lose the 20 pounds that had refused to come off since my adolescence.

As I got into the routine and was enjoying myself, I began feeling better. I found the energy to make it through the day without a nap, and I adjusted my fitness goals. First I began to participate in my own family life – totally amazing and worth EVERYTHING! Next, I introduced activities like boxing, running, and then triathlon.

The best part happened when I realized that I could share the amazingness that I felt with the people around me (and people all over the world!). What I did to change my life completely wasn’t difficult. I did it, so others can do it too – they just need to know that it’s possible to get off the couch and get it done.

I “met” my friend Annette through our Triathlon group. We’ve actually never met in person since we live about 1200 miles apart, but we message each other and check in often for accountability and support. She’s a total bad-ass!

I was completely honored to read her testimonial. Here’s what she said:

“I totally met Cindy by accident! We are on the same triathlon training page and while scrolling through some posts, I hit her name and saw her profile pop up. I saw something about Isagenix and it got me thinking… I’ve heard about it and know people that swear by it. At the time, I was getting ready to train for the hardest triathlon I had ever signed up for – a half Ironman two hours north of Quebec. This race would be extremely challenging because of the hills that I would have to ride and run. Coming from Flat Florida, I knew I would have to up my game. And realistically, I knew that the extra weight I was carrying was going to make this difficult. I knew I needed a nutrition change, so I reached out to Cindy. Cindy was amazing getting me set up with everything I needed and explaining all the Isagenix products to me. As an athlete, I was excited to see all of their fitness products in addition to the weight loss products! She also added me to an amazing Facebook page! The support and success stories are inspiring! Week by week, the weight came off and I just felt stronger! Unfortunately, my half Ironman was canceled due to Covid, but I decided to go even bigger and sign up for my first full Ironman in Florida in November! I continued to lose weight all Summer and toed the start line almost 20 pounds lighter! And I did finish that epic 140.6 mile race! I have Cindy & Isagenix to thank for the huge part they played in getting to the start and finish line!”

There is nothing more gratifying than helping someone and gaining a new friend in the process. When I think about it, I would never have met Annette without Isagenix in my life. The door to the triathlon world certainly wasn’t open to me when I was a couch potato.

I would love to join you in your health journey. I can take your hand (figuratively – covid, you know) and lead you to your own path to become the healthiest you that you can be!